JSON::Any and the problems of metapackage dependency

Edit: Have a look at the comments to this post.

Recently, I released WWW::Mixpanel, which requires JSON encoding and decoding. Without significant thought, I decided to change my usage of JSON to JSON::Any, figuring that little bit of flexibility may be useful to someone.

Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that JSON::Any and dependencies don’t play nice. Looking at the JSON::Any metafile I saw that it doesn’t require any of it’s possible implementations to install before it installs properly. This means that on a number of test systems which didn’t have any JSON package installed, my dependency on JSON::Any meant there still wasn’t a JSON package available. I’ve been spoiled a bit by the great metapackage handling of debian.

Chatting in#distzilla, the feedback seemed to be that JSON::Any wasn’t useful anymore, and that there wasn’t really competition for JSON packages.

It was an easy decision for me to switch WWW::Mixpanel v0.02 to depend on JSON (and not JSON::Any), but it made me realize that I’ve got a bit of work to do looking into metapackages in perl (if such a thing is being supported), and also reminded me how great cpantesters is.


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I work in a healthcare technology startup. These days, I attempt to code in Perl, and this blog is about the Wild Perl we write, startup life, and many other things.

11 Responses to JSON::Any and the problems of metapackage dependency

  1. gfx says:

    Why do you avoid JSON? JSON.pm is just a wrapper to JSON::PP and JSON::XS, so JSON::Any does not improve flexibility in the term of portability. Moreover, while JSON::PP behaves the same as JSON::XS, JSON::Any is sometimes not.

  2. Tom says:

    I don’t avoid JSON. Sorry if that was unclear. I’ve updated the text.

    I am suggesting that JSON::Any has dependency problems (or, rather, causes my module to have dependency problems since it didn’t behave as I thought it would). I will probably avoid JSON::Any in the future, and just use JSON directly. The new release of WWW::Mixpanel moves from JSON::Any to JSON.

    I was considering a bit the larger question, how should these metapackages behave in Perl? I haven’t looked into it, but at the very lease a package like JSON::Any should not be ‘installable’ without any supported implementations.

  3. gfx says:

    I see.

    As Sartak said (http://twitter.com/#!/sartak/status/52899266959650816), unconditional dependencies are sometimes
    I’d like a more flexible meta spec.

  4. Marc Mims says:

    I use JSON::Any in Net::Twitter. From its Makefile.PL (using Module::Install):

    sub has_json_xs () {
    my @order = qw/JSON::XS/;
    for my $provider ( @order ) {
    eval “require $provider”;
    return 1 unless $@;

    if (has_json_xs()) {
    requires ‘JSON::XS’ => 0;
    } else {
    requires ‘JSON’ => ‘2.02’;

    @order used to contain other options, but over time, they’ve been removed, so that could obviously be simplified.

  5. Tom says:

    Thanks! Is there a more standard way of doing this in the META file? I saw some tweets going around but I’m not sure if they were proposals or implemented.

    It may be better to bring something like this into META?

  6. Chris Thompson says:

    Though I don’t maintain it any more, I created JSON::Any back in the day in a much more “Wild West” atmosphere. There were several other JSON parsers like JSON::Syck, JSON::DWIW and JSON::PP none of which had supremacy at the time. It served a valid purpose in that era.

    Net::Twitter uses JSON::Any because I wrote that too. Marc took it over from me for version 3.x and I can’t claim to have written a single byte that’s still in use, but when I wrote the 1.x and 2.x trees I used JSON::Any because it was my module.

    I’m not involved enough anymore to have a strong opinion on the issue, but I’m not sure that JSON::Any serves much of a purpose anymore, other than as a guard against JSON.pm radically changing their interface when they go to 3.xx, like they did from 1.xx to 2.xx.

  7. Tom says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your reply and background on this. What do you think abut the META functionality, as some way to support metapackages like JSON::Any by requiring at least one concrete implementation for successful install.

    Above Marc pointed out the he uses some (I presume) hand-written code in the Makefile, but it would be better to have more formal metapackage support in the META file perhaps?

  8. Hey, I saw you mention this in #distzilla and while I agree with the advice you were given, I think you came away with the wrong assumption.

    JSON::Any tries the hardest it can to make sure that some JSON file is installed. As you have discovered there is no (that I know of) static way to define a complex dependency like “any(JSON JSON::XS JSON::DWIW)”. The logic that Marc presented from the Net::Twitter Makefile.PL is very similar to the logic already in the current JSON::Any Makefile.PL

    unless (has_json) {
    requires 'JSON' => '2.02';
    else {
    feature 'JSON',
    -default => 0,
    'JSON' => '2.02';

    where has_json is defined just before and is a simple check to see if one of the non-deprecated backends is installed.

    I’m more than welcome for someone to present me with a better solution, but one didn’t exist the last time I edited the build system for JSON::Any.

  9. Tom says:

    Thanks for your reply.

    I wonder if cpantesters script has trouble with my Mixpanel (v0.01) module or with JSON::Any? It was those types of failures that originally made me go to IRC asking if I should force a JSON implementation in place.

    It looks like some test runs either don’t install a concrete JSON implementation (which seems strange given your makefile code), don’t include it in INC, or have installed and removed it, but left their JSON::Any around.

    Failing: http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/54d76f2c-5a4c-11e0-9835-8e99bcb8094c
    Success: http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/64fb7952-59e3-11e0-b6da-c8181257ed08

    If some uninstall or INC problems are popping up during cpantesters runs, that may inform the META discussion.

  10. Chris Thompson says:

    I defer to Chris Prather below, he took JSON::Any over and will have a clearer understanding of how the build system works.

  11. Chris Prather says:

    I am traveling for a week starting tomorrow but if you drop me a note on IRC (/msg perigrin) I will try to take a look as soon as I can. I have also uploaded a new version of JSON::Any that explains better it’s place in the world.

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