Padre DMG for OSX Lion – alpha build

With great pleasure I can finally announce that we’ve got OSX Lion builds for Padre!

You can grab the latest here:

Getting reliable packages for Padre on OSX has been my goal for the past few weeks, and these have surfaced a number of OSX bugs that have not yet been adressed.

You can find a list of current defects (and open your own) here:

My work was really that of glue-er, and it would have been impossible if not for the real heavy lifting done by Mark @ Cava who built the packaging scripts we use, and Cava, and also supported wxwidgets building on Lion.

We are using Cava to package on OSX at the moment (and potentially other platforms in the future).

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2 Responses to Padre DMG for OSX Lion – alpha build

  1. Peter Lavender says:

    Great news, I’ve been following along with your progress and it’s great to see platforms being supported.

    Now that you have the process down pat, up for a new version soon to be released? :)

  2. Tom says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the positive note. I believe I saw your post on the Padre mailing list as well. There are some bugs with the OSX Padre (menu shortcuts, some strange behavior) but none of that should stop us from moving forward with a release and collecting bug reports.

    One thing that needs to happen is we need some minimal snow leopard (OSX 10.6) testing of the DMG, just to assure it runs. Then I’d say we can make a 10.6/10.7 OSX DMG release.


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