Padre 0.88 OSX dmg

I’m happy to announce that Padre 0.88 is available as an OSX dmg.

Along with all the amazing work Padre folks have been doing to release 0.88, we’ve also been hunting down critical OSX bugs that surfaced during the recent weeks.

There is some more TLC that needs to be given to the Padre codebase for OSX. Thus, along with the known OSX defects, I anticipate we’ll continue to find more issues that need fixing.

That’s why we need you to try the Padre 0.88 dmg, and let us know if you have any issues, crashes, or feature requests. I hope Padre on OSX will be on par with linux and windows by the 1.0 release with your help.

Bug reports can be made most easily by hopping into #padre on irc, or even commenting on this blog post.

I want to thank Mark for doing the work to develop the packaging project for Padre using Cava, and for his help with some of the gnarly issues I ran into these past weeks.

Also, thanks to the folks who reported bugs in the 0.86 dmg (that have been solved I hope), and to everyone on #padre.

Want to run Padre on OSX from source?
You can use the bin/ script found in the padre-brew github to create a perl+padre on OSX.

If you’re on windows or linux, see the 0.88 release announcement.


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